New VISJET2017 Beta

The new VISJET software - VISJET2017 - beta version is now available for download.

  • The current version of VISJET 2.5 is released in 2002 and is built on the 32-bit Windows technology. It may not be properly installed or run on the currently available Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating systems for present-day computers. Thus, it is necessary to port the old program codes to the latest platform to allow the users to continue using the software. Furthermore, there have been significant advancement in the technology for computer data visualization, user interface and software packaging. Hence, an updated version of VISJET is needed for both the existing and potential users.



The modeling and visualization technology of VISJET are further developed into 3D environmental impact assessment (3D EIA) module of Project WATERMAN, which aims to provide an online hydro-environmental modeling and visualization system for public engagement in Hong Kong.


Distributed Entrainment Sink Approach (DESA)

VISJET can now be used to seamlessly model effluent mixing and transport in the intermediate/far field!


Superposition Approach

VISJET can now be used to predict the mixing of a multiport diffuser in shallow water with boundary effects.


Recent Application Examples





VISJET is a general interactive computer modeling system that predicts the impact of an effluent discharge into the water environment. The model provides 3D flow visualization of the predicted path and mixing of an arbitrarily inclined buoyant plume in a moving receiving water which may be density-stratified. VISJET can be used to study the impact of either a single or a group of inclined buoyant jets in three-dimensional space. It can be used for outfall design, impact assessment and risk analysis of polluting or natural environmental discharges (e.g. deep sea hydrothermal vents). It can also be used as an educational tool to introduce concepts such as mixing and transport, and assimilative capacity of the receiving water. 

Release Announcement

VISJET 2.5 is officially released in August, 2009.  It is now coupled with the new JETLAG 2008 engine...

What's New

Since the release of VISJET 1.5 in April 2001, we have received many valuable comments from users who have downloaded and evaluated the software.  VISJET 2.5 is a significantly improved and more powerful version with enhanced features and user interface.

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We have also prepared several movies and application examples featuring the VISJET system:



VISJET was supported by Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) - Project ITS/030/00

Principal Investigators: Prof. JHW Lee and Prof. WP Wang, The University of Hong Kong

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